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Friday, June 4, 2010

Waxy loses another

Right on the heels of the Durst and Brady murders another Gordon feller, William “Big Bill” Oppenheim, (so called because of his girth, 350 lbs. not because of his political or financial standings) caught a lethal dose of lead while his boss sat safely behind bars.

Seventy-seven years ago today Oppenheim was walking up the steps to his Patterson, New Jersey apartment when two men approached from behind and called to him. When Big Bill turned to see who it was five bullets slammed into his face. After Oppenheim dropped to the ground the shooters ran up and pumped five more shots into his chest for good measure.

Satisfied with their labors one of the shooters said, "Whew, TGIF huh? Thinning Waxy's ranks is hard work." to which his confederate replied, "Indeed. Say, I think we can still catch happy hour at Chi-Chi's. Raspberry margaritas are on me!"

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