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Monday, June 28, 2010

Just say no, again

Return with me if you will to Harlem's little Italy, more specifically East 107th Street eighty-five years ago today. This time the victim was Angelo Marino a bootlegger and drug dealer who had recently been released from Sing Sing.

It was a little after midnight and Marino had just conducted some business in a tenement there and when he got into his car as many as six men came up along the rear and opened fire. A number of bullets peppered the car and two of them struck Marino in the head killing him. Unfortunately there were pedestrians in the street at the time and as Marino slumped over his steering wheel, a woman was killed when a bullet entered the back of her head.

The police interviewed everyone in the tenement that Marino emerged from but nobody admitted having met with him. The police did however find a shoebox on the roof of the building containing $3,000 worth of drugs.

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