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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Just say no

June 16, 1921 found Vincenzo Alfano and Nick Ventura, two men tied up in the narcotics field, walking together on the lower Eastside. As the duo walked along two men fell into step behind them. After a few moments their followers ran up and shot both drug dealers in the back of the head. As pandemonium broke out on the street the killers ran away but emptied their weapons in the direction of the prostrate men, which resulted in the wounding of four civilians. Ambulances were called and the civilians and Ventura were taken to the hospital. Doctors said it was doubtful that the latter would pull through.

Meanwhile Police caught one of the gunmen and brought in numersous suspects. The gunman gave his name as Salvatore Viscone but denied that he was involved the shooting stating that a man had ran past him and thrust the pistol into his hands and well, he just kind of held on to it.

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