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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Standing on the corner watching all the girls go- BYE!

A feller identified as Charles Stattler a.k.a Stadter went the way of all gangster flesh on this date back in "Bloody '31" as I like to refer to it. Charles had been a member of Little Augie Orgen's gang until the gang leaders demise and was, up until his death working as a “muscler” in a beer gang run by a gangster known as “Spunky” Weiss.

At 5:40pm Stattler was standing on a corner -reportedly humming "Flowers on the wall"-waiting for someone as the rush hour traffic passed him. Four men, each carrying a pistol, advanced from behind and when they reached Stattler, they opened fire. The ex-Little Augie henchman dropped to the curb with three bullets in the back of his head. One of the shots went wild slightly wounding a young woman.

The four killers melted into the large crowd that gathered and made their escape. The police had two theories for the murder; one that Stattler was the victim of feud between Sing Sing prisoners of which he was one in 1928 and the other being that he was put on the spot by rival bootleggers for trying to muscle in on their territory. Take your pick, or better yet share one of your own.

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