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Thursday, December 31, 2009

There was a crooked man

Hello and Happy New Year. Long time no chat. The Legs Diamond book is shaping up nicely, am waiting on a few documents but should be done in a few months if not sooner. Hopefully you'll have a copy sometime in 2010.

I wish you all a safe and Happy New Year and whatever your plans are whether rocking in the New Year with whats left of Dick Clark, drinking at your favorite watering hole or waltzing at Grand Central Station take a moment to remember gambler Louis "Crooked Neck" Levine who never made it to midnight on this date back in 1931

“Crooked Neck”, so called because of a physical deformity,(that had to do wonders for his esteem) appeared at a mid-town club known as the Pups Kennel Yard, which was basically a private speakeasy where members, who needed a card to enter, could drink and gamble.

Through out the evening Levine was called away from his poker table three times to take phone calls. During his last call he was over heard saying, “No, I won’t meet you. I’m going to stay here.” “Crooked Neck” returned to his table and once again commenced to playing cards. At about 4:00am, as Levine sat behind his approximately $400 in chips, three men arrived at the club.

The men were not members of the club and in lieu of cards showed the doorman their pistols and were granted immediate entrance. Recognizing Levine from behind (Always face the door Louis!!!) the men walked up and fired three bullets into the back of his head.

Gunmen and patrons alike fled the premises helter skelter and, like Crooked Neck (or Mush Head now), the Christmas tree toppled. Police arrived but, well, you know same old same old.

Here's to a swell New Year.

Friday, December 18, 2009

S'long Jackie

Bang bang Maxwell's* silver bullets crashed into his head.
Bang bang Maxwell's silver bullets made sure that he was dead.
*Who Maxwell was is open to interpretation.