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Monday, June 7, 2010

Before the storm

It was a busy day in lower Manhattan on this date ninety-eight years ago. A Lt. Becker and his strong arm squad went out on the town and raided numerous spots. The first stop was a saloon at 2 ½ James Street that was ran by Fred Lucas. Inside they found an handful of guys armed with guns, a dirk, blackjack and sap. Five of the guys were also carrying cocaine.
Becker and his boys took the arrestees to the Oak Street station and then headed out for more fun. They entered a number of places in the east village but found nothing good so headed towards Chinatown. On the way they heard a couple of gunshots and gave the neighborhood a thorough going over but found nothing and concluded that it was simply a couple of gangsters having fun at their expense.
Earlier in the day Big Jack Zelig was taken from Bellevue hospital (where he was recovering from a bullet wound) and brought to the criminal court building where he was questioned by the D.A. and Police Inspector about the shooting he was currently recovering from. “I don’t know what any one would want to kill me for.” Jack told them. They sent him back to his bed and jello.
Hmm, Becker and Zelig, wonder if these guys ever crossed paths…Nah, what are the chances? I suspect Becker had a grand career in law enforcement and retired with honors and Zelig realized a gangster’s life was a short one and went on the straight and narrow and neither were ever heard from again.

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