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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Harlem Nocturne

Twenty-five year old Joseph Amastasi was well known in Harlem’s Little Italy as a“liberal spender whose source of income was unknown”. At 11:00pm, eighty-four years ago tonight, two employees of a coal company heard a couple of shots and went to investigate. They found Amastasi dead with two bullets in his back.Why was Amastasi killed? Let's check with the magic 8 ball....."ask again"...Why was Amastasi killed?..."Outlook not good". I don't have time for this someone else give it a shake and let me know what it says.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Meet John Doe

Four score and five years ago this very day in New York City three fellers sat in a sedan. Passing pedestrians paid them no mind until three shots rang out then all eyes turned to the car as two men jumped out and high tailed it away. Left inside was a man with two bullets in his person.

Cops arrived on the scene and found that the man was still alive. He was rushed to the hospital where he gave the name John Doe. He said no more and passed out of this life. Since he refused to talk, the police were forced to turn to his finger prints. Never ones to withstand a police interrogation, the prints had absolutely no trouble divulging his true identity.

According to the ink-stained digits, the deceased was forty year old Nate Gordon, a life long criminal with a record spanning back to 1905. During his midnight rambler phase he was arrested for grand larceny and sent to Elmira. Periodic arrest and prison terms followed over the following quarter century. But why he was killed, his fingers remained mum on that.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hey kids, play inside where it is safe

Eighty-three years ago today in Harlem a group of children came face to face with gangland when they encountered twenty-four year old Anthony Sancione in the hallway of a tenement with two bullets in his head. The kids fetched a policeman who found that Anthony was still alive. An ambulance was called but the wounded man died en-route to the hospital. His record showed that he had been arrested numerous times but never convicted.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Spy Who Bored Me

Statistically speaking I have more sunsets behind me than in front of me so now when I invest time in a movie that blows I feel the need to howl. Not since the debacle that is World War Z have I been this let down by a film.

The cause of my current misery - Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. I remember seeing the previews for this back when it came out and thinking it looked good. Saw that Netflix has it now and that was last nights viewing. Should have just left it at the trailer. I can 't remember ever seeing such a non-thrilling spy thriller.

Plot- One of the UK's top spies is a Russian mole, but which one???!!! Who cares because there is nothing at risk. No impending nuclear strike, no terrorist attack that needs to be thwarted. Nothing of importance other than the fact that one of England's top guys is a mole.

[Spoilers] Confusion was also in abundance. John Hurt's character dies but they don't tell us or show us, we just have to figure it out. There were flashbacks that weren't obvious flashbacks, then when you catch on that they are flashbacks they show a guy who was supposedly killed so you assume that the later scenes with him are also flashbacks until you learn that he wasn't actually killed after all.They discuss the top Russian adversary but we never see him or learn anything about him. So there is really no villain so to speak. No direct threat and no villain makes Jack a dull movie.  In the end it turns out that all along the Russian's were using the mole to get close to the American's, who play absolutely no role in the film whatsoever.

There is also a plethora of shots of Gary Oldman's character walking, swimming, sitting and  performing other actions that do not push the story line further. Since  I like Gary Oldman and some of the co-stars I sat through it.

The only positive thing I can say about this film is that I learned that actor Stephen Graham, who plays Al Capone on Boardwalk Empire and who has a small part in this film, is actually English. I didn't know that.

Paranoia will destroy ya

And it goes like this, 'ere it goes-

Three nefarious fellas, Thomas Abbruzzo, Mathew Casselli and Thomas Costello, robbed a Fourth Avenue saloon and then fled to Boston with the loot. While in Bean Town some bad blood arose between Abbruzzo and Costello and the former killed the latter in front of Casselli. Minus their Irish partner the two Italian hoods returned to New York.

Once they were back in New York however, Abbruzzo started to worry about his partner. Would he be able to keep his mouth shut about that little piece of business back in Boston? After pondering it for a while Abbruzzo decided that the best way to keep Casselli quiet was to silence him for good. So, to that end, ninety-seven years ago today he lured his partner in crime to a room in mid-town Manhattan and slit his throat. Abbruzzo was subsequently arrested and found guilty, not for the murder of Costello for which he was worried about, but for the slaying of Casselli which was supposed to guarantee his safety.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Pulpy goodness

"I told that numb skull that human heads needed to be sent priority. What a lame brain....numb skull, head, lame brain...hee hee hee what a deliciously funny moment for me, hope nobody ruins it by sticking a gun out their window and shooting me."