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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

From Hal Roach studios

I’m pretty sure today’s entry was later used as a plot in a Laurel & Hardy short in the early Thirties. Here’s the rumpus- A milk man, Harry Wanders, testified against a robber named Tom Swain who received five years in Sing Sing as a result of said testimony. Swain’s pals let Wanders know that they were going to get him.

As a result of the threat Wanders went to police headquarters and asked permission to carry a gun. Whether it was granted or paper work took time was never explained but the milk man left for work the next day packing heat. Little did he know however, because the police didn’t tell him, two Detectives, lets call them Stan & Ollie were told to trail Swain and protect him from Swain's gang.

Eighty-eight years ago today as Wanders was pulling up for work he saw the detectives talking to another milk man and assumed that they were members of Swain’s gang and peeled out. Seeing Wanders speed off, Stan & Ollie assumed that he was a member of Swain’s gang and jumped in a car and went after him.

After a bit of driving Stan and/or Ollie started to shoot at Wanders, who, fearing for his life returned the fire. After a mile long car chase with guns a-barkin’ Wanders ran out of ammo and pulled over. Stan & Ollie pulled up and flipped their badges. “Oh, you’re detectives?!?!?! I thought…”

Detective Ollie then turned to Detective Stan and said, “Well, here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten me into.” To which Detective Stan replied, whilst scratching his head and fighting back tears, “I couldn’t help it. He sped and the gun…”

Oh, and the reason we can’t be sure if Wanders got permission to carry a pistol is because even though L&H were charged with protecting him, they arrested him for violation of the Sullivan law.

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Alana said...

New York at it's finest...