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Friday, June 11, 2010

Dos hermanos

Eighty-eight years ago today two brothers, Mike and Ralph Latorre, were erased from gangland. For what its worth it was reported that they may have been drug dealers. What is known is that the siblings were walking down James Street and as they passed a coffee house at no. 70 ½ two gun men stepped out and blasted away at them.

Ralph fell to the sidewalk with a mortal wound to the heart. A bullet also lodged in Mike’s lung and he fell to his knees but got back up and made a run for Oak Street with the gunmen on his heels.

The killers fired indiscriminately at Mike as they chased him down the pedestrian packed street. Two innocent men dropped to the ground with wounds to the chest and head as Mike turned the corner onto Oak and headed for the police station.

The gunmen gave up on Mike and dispersed as he made his way to the police station. The killers needn’t of worried however, the one bullet to the lung was sufficient. Mike died the following day.


Alana said...

love the half street addresses.

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