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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lire, lire pants on fire

Banking clerk rule #1- Never invite shabbily dressed men behind the partition. Why? Well I'll let Sylvio Allocco the manager/cashier of Anthony Sassa & Son bank located at 64th Street and 14th ave in Lefferts Park, Brooklyn answer that.

It was a day not unlike today, in fact it was this very day in 1921

There I was behind the counter when two roughly dressed men entered the bank and told me that they were returning to Italy and wanted to exchange their American currency for lire. I told them to figure out how much they wanted and they sat by themselves for ten minutes. One of the men then said, "We can't figure this out. We wish you would do that for us."

Happy to help my fellow countrymen I invited them behind the counter. As I sat to help them out one of the men bashed me over the head with something heavy knocking me down with a big bleeding gash. I yelled for help but one of them stuffed a handkerchief in my mouth and then they dragged me across the floor and tied me to a radiator.

The shabbily dressed men then helped themselves to $7,000 in coin and paper before fleeing out the back of the bank.

"Yes Mickey."
"How do you call for help?"
"Come here help!"
"And if no one answers?"
"Oh, help."
"And if no one still doesn't answer?"
"I kick the phone off my desk and shout 'Thieves! Robbers!' until help arrives.

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