Arrest of Francis 'Two Gun' Crowley

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Two Gun saga IV

Because of the Brannen murder Crowley was one of the most wanted guys in NYC. At 2:20am on this date he and Duringer stepped into a garage and stole a Ford taking the nightwatchman with them. He was dropped off a short time later unharmed.

What Crowley and Duringer did during the day is unknown but that evening Two Gun was out on Long Island with his girlfriend Helen. They ended up on "Black Shirt Lane" a popular make out spot for teens.

A little while later a police car containing officers Frederick Hirsch and Albert Yodice pulled into the lane and saw the Ford. The officers decided to investigate and approached the car. They asked Crowley what he was up to. "Just talking." he replied. The cops weren't very interested in a couple of teenagers so returned to their car.

Back in the squad car Hirsch commented to this partner, "I believe that boy is Crowley." He double checked the wanted poster they had and decided to take another look. The office unholstered his pistol and approached the Ford.

Hirsch asked Crowley for his drivers license and the latter feigned a move for his wallet and came up with a gun. Expecting a trick like that Hirsch stuck his pistol through the window and pulled the trigger. Unfortunately his gun malfunctioned and Crowley was able to shoot the officer four times. Hirsch dropped his gun into the Ford and fell across the running board. Crowley opened he door and fired two more shots into the officer and pushed him off the car. He then took a couple of pot shots at Yodice before speeding off. Yodice fired off a few rounds hitting the passenger side door twice and piercing the windshield but Crowley made a successful escape.

Killing a taxi dancer and now a cop. Crowley and Duringer were Public Rats #1 and they were the NYPD's top priority.

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