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Monday, May 10, 2010

Rack 'em

Eighty-nine years ago today Hugh Smollen was hanging out at the pool hall he managed on the second floor of 1849 Broadway watching two guys shoot a game. During the play a young guy, who would subsequently be identified as nineteen year old Cornelius Brady came in and took a seat.

After the game the two players left and Brady pulled out a gun and ordered Smollen into the john. While the manager was inside he heard Brady opening the register. Not one to sit idly by while his place of business was being robbed Smollen came out of the bathroom and grabbed the first thing he could find, a billiard ball, and launched at the thief.
Brady ducked.
Smollen grabbed a pool cue and threw that.
Brady ducked.
Smolled kept up a steady fire of pool balls and cues.
Brady continued to duck but did return some balls.
After a couple of minutes Brady decided he had enough and ran from the joint. Smollen ran to the window and yelled down to a cop. The officer saw Brady run from the building and chased him for a few blocks and caught him at West 6oth. Brady was then hustled back to the police station. Get it, hustled...pool...hustle...Paul Newman....

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