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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Book 'em

Once in awhile here at the DGIS Institute we get us a fancy pants intern who likes to read books that don't have any pictures. Normally we just laugh at him/her for wasting their time but turns out he (I think it was a he. I actually don't remember they come and go so fast) caught something we missed earlier.

There is a book out now about two bank robbing brothers from the Public Enemy era called: The Many Deaths of the Firefly Brothers. If a story about bank robbers from 1933-34 wasn't good enough, the brothers are actually zombielike, not the slow walking, swaying, "Brains!" kind of zombies but more of a back from the dead look normal don't have to eat flesh kind of undead.

More than that we can't really say as we just started reading it during story time. (just after lunch and right before nap time) One of the nice things we've noticed is that in the acknowledgments the author gave a hi-dee-ho to long time DGIS pals Rick Mattix and William J. Helmer; kings of the Public Enemy era.

If you want more info on the book check out author Thomas Mullen's amazon page. Its even got one of them fancy videos all the kids are talking about these days.

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