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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sloane slain

Today marks the seventy-ninth anniversary of the murder of Roy Sloane. Roy was a college educated guy who found joy in making his living by breaking the law as opposed to breaking his ass and turning himself into something.

His passion was cars, he couldn't walk by a Nash without stealing it. His habits of course earned him a scholarship to the University of Sing Sing and while spending a good portion of the 1920's in the institution he continued to hit the books, legal and otherwise, and managed to argue his way out of prison.

This earned him about 7 1/2 minutes of fame as a boy turned around by his prison experience and now ready to make good with his life. Of course it was a sham and Roy received his second
7 1/2 minutes of fame about five months later when he stepped out of speakeasy and was erased by two shotgun blasts.

If you would like to learn more about Sloane the scholar I invite you to read Bad Seeds in the Big Apple.


John D. said...

Fame came at a high price. Had he been born a century or so later, Roy could have just had his own reality show. Slightly less dangerous.

John D. said...

BTW, I like the green background. Very soothing.

Pat Downey said...

Bulls eye with the reality show. Glad you like the back ground. I'm trying to add smell-o-vision so readers can catch a whiff of Magnolia as well. Also looking for a soundbyte of water running over rocks. I want this to be a relaxing place to read about violence.