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Friday, May 14, 2010

Twisting the night away

Ah, spring. Time for the first long weekend of the warm season. The DGIS staff believes they get a four day weekend because I'm a generous dictator but they won't realize it's unpaid until the next pay cycle...ha ha ha suckers!

Anyways, we'll sign off with another chap who was enjoying his first spring outing 102 years ago today. 'Ol Kid Twist Zweifach himself went out to Coney Island for opening day with his pal Cyclone Louie. In tow were a couple of gals who worked as singers in the Coney Island resorts. The girl with Kid Twist was the former twist for an Italian hood named Louie the Lump.

To make a short story shorter Louie caught up with Kid Twist on the boardwalk and perforated both him and Cyclone Louie but good. For more in depth coverage you can read about this spring time bloodbath in Gangster City, Gangs of NY and the Starker. All fine books that can be found on this site.


Alana said...

aww you can spare a dime for some hard workin interns can't ya? Besides, you wouldn't want them coming back in the dead of night and destroying the merchandise.

Pat Downey said...

No. They more than make up for it in stolen ink cartridges and other office supplies.