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Friday, June 20, 2014

When Harry left Florence

Harry Robinson was having a swell time at the Edgewater resort located at Twin Lakes, Wisconsin. The 38-year old Chicagoan had just finished swimming with Florence, his 22-year old wife of two months, and went upstairs to use the bathroom. Flo remained down stairs in the bar area with about eight other people.

Just after Harry went up a sedan pulled up and four guys jumped out. Each held a pistol. One of them corralled all the people in the bar out onto the porch with their hands over their heads, while the other three ran up the stairs. Moments later Harry stepped out of the bathroom and into seven bullets.

The three gunmen ran back downstairs and, with the fourth, jumped back into their car and sped off. Mrs. Robinson and the others ran up stairs and found Harry outside the bathroom in a puddle of blood.

Why would anyone want to kill Harry? Who knows. Best the cops could come up with was that the shooting had something to due with the fact that Harry used to be an associate of Chicago beer baron Terry Druggan.


John DuMond said...

This incident taught Mrs. Robinson a couple of useful lessons:

1. Date younger men. Recent college graduates are best.

2. Avoid bootleggers. Look for men with less illicit career aspirations. Rumor has it there's a great future in plastics.

Pat Downey said...

A hard learned lesson, but a lesson nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

#2a. Marry a man with a regular job with a paycheck you can see. If all his money arrives in bags, duffles and suitcases run away. I'm just saying.

Pat Downey said...

#2b If you do marry a man whose pay arrives in duffles etc, always stand at least six feet away from him.