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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Talk isn't cheap

Eighty-two years ago today Joseph Hillop, a convicted jewel thief, was found in a ditch with a battered face, a sash cord wrapped around his neck and few bullets in his person. Why would somebody do such a horrible thing you ask?

Well, according to police Joe was part of a gang that got arrested for robbing a Camden, New Jersey jewelry store and Joe, along with fellow gang member Frank Bieliec, gave some evidence that resulted in nice long sentences for their confederates and really short ones for themselves. So if you do the math: Long sentences – short sentences, carry the one = Joe in a Hammonton, NJ ditch…What’s that? What about Frank Bieliec? Well, “Spoiler” you’ll have to tune in next March to find out about him.


Alana said...

ooh! Something in the pipeline Mr. Downey? :)

Pat Downey said...

Possibly Frank, but you'll have to wait and see.