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Thursday, June 26, 2014

The golden rule of the Golden Rule? Don't cause trouble

In the early hours of this date back in  1923 a Brooklyn gangster known as New York Whitey was at the Golden Rule, a private soldiers and sailors club, in Toledo, Ohio. (Did someone say speakeasy?)  Whitey wasn't on his best behavior however and got into a fight with club manager, Phil Kennedy. After the rumpus New York Whitey grabbed any billiard ball he could find and started to throw them helter skelter ( Here, There & Everywhere also acceptable). As Whitey's missiles damaged the club and possibly other patrons Phil Kennedy did what any other self respecting manager of a private soldiers & sailors legion would have done. He pulled out a gat and sent .45 caliber sedative into Whitey's heart. Calmed him down right quick and for good.

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