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Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Chicago Double

'Twas this day in 1928 'twas that Joe Salamone and John Oliveri were put on the spot in Chicago's Little Italy. According to police, Salamone and Oliveri were bootleggers who were originally enemies of the Aiello brothers but joined with them when they believed that they were going topple Al Capone. After some time passed Salamone and Oliveri switched allegiance to Big Al & Co. and it was because of this that they were rubbed out. So said the police.

What IS known is that the duo had just stepped out of market and headed towards Salamone's car. As Salamone climbed behind the wheel a guy, we'll call him "Decoy", came up and engaged the duo in conversation. During the short chat two guys stepped out of a nearby doorway with shotguns. Decoy took a few steps back and the guns went off. Salamone fell over dead as Oliveri, wounded, made a run for it. Another quick blast brought him down.

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