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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

New Crayola color, On The Spot Yellow

Tony Greco was visiting his cousin Mrs. Perconti in Gary, Indiana on this evening in 1931. Mr. Perconti was not there having been taken for a ride a year and half previously. According to the press the late Mr. Perconti was one of the top bootleggers of Gary, Indiana and Tony was his body guard.

After his visit, Tony stepped out on to the porch and into two shotgun blasts fired from the basement window of the vacant house across the street. Some of the pellets missed Tony and hit Mrs. Perconti, seriously wounding her.

While inspecting the crime scene police noticed that someone had drawn a cross on Mrs. Perconti's door with a yellow crayon. Across the street there was also a yellow cross drawn on the window that the gunmen fired from, leading police to believe that the killers were out of towners brought in for the job. They were definitely good shots.


Anonymous said...

Were these killers any relation to Harold and the Purple Crayon?

Pat Downey said...

Possibly related although Harold worked in Detroit for the purple gang.