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Friday, July 29, 2011

Johnny gets Droppered

Wow, time flies. Seems like only a year ago we were discussing the demise of Johnny Spanish on this date back in 1919. But here we are again. Yep it was ninety-two years ago today that Spanish was hanging at restaurant with his wife and pal when who should appear but his old crony Nathan Kaplan (Caplin for you enthusiast) also known as Kid Dropper.

The Kid had a bit of business with Spanish. "Hey John, step outside for a minute?" Kaplan didn't say. "Sure thing." Spanish didn't respond. So Johnny went outside and began to chit chat with Spanish. As they talked over gang business some of the gang loitered about. One of the loiterers casually strolled behind Johnny and then Bang! Bang! a car back fired. "They really need to invent unleaded gas." Spanish didn't say. "Agreed." Kaplan didn't respond. It was the last thing Spanish didn't say for after that a bullet flew into the back of his brain.

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