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Monday, July 18, 2011

Rise and shoot

Ninety-one years ago this morning Edward Cassidy, an off duty police officer, escorted a young lady to her apartment at 2077 Eighth Avenue after what one can assume was a night of frolics and gaiety. Then, perhaps because he was a romantic, or creepy, or simply tired, or a combination of all three he layed down on her stoop and went to sleep.

His dreams however were interupted when two guys stuck a pistol in his face and demanded any valuables he had on his person. Cassidy handed over his gold watch and $37 in cash but held onto his own shooting iron.

After the two hoodlums took off down the street Cassidy drew his revolver and fired a shot over their heads. When the didn't stop he lowered the barrel and sent a pill through one of the robber's, Tommy Malone's, back. He stopped although his pal got away with the goods.

Lesson; never try to rob a cop who is sleeping on the stoop of the woman he walked home a few hours before.

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Fowl Ideas said...

If this happened today, Attorney Barry Scheck would sue the cop, the cop's family, the cop's mailman, the guy who waved to the cop last month as he drove by his apartment, the gun manufacturer, the bullet manufacturer, and the individual miner who dug the lead ore out of the ground.

And Scheck would repeatedly stomp his feet and throw temper tantrums during the trial in order to convince the jury of his legal expertise.