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Monday, August 1, 2011

Wonder if there was a second date?

Out of the "Wow, imagine that! file comes this -

Ninety-nine years ago today one Arbin Barber sat in an ice-cream parlor with a Mrs. Miller. Where was Mr. Miller? Who knows. Perhaps the two were merely friends or perhaps...

Anyways it seems that Arbin ordered some ice-cream for Mrs. Miller. The refreshment was delivered but the demure Mrs. Miller decided that she didn't want any.

Of course you do, eat some.

No, thank you.

Come now, it is hot, have some of this ice cream that I purchased for you.

No really, I've changed my mind.

It's melting, and there are no refunds.

Arbin, dear, it is only ice cream.

But I paid good money for it.

Arbin dear, you're scaring me.

East the god damn ice cream.

Arbin, what are you doing?

Angered by Mrs. Miller's refusal to eat the ice cream, Arbin pulled out his pistol and fired at Mrs. Miller's head. Fortunately his aim was a little off and Mrs. Miller spent the rest of her life minus a piece of ear.

Arbin made a run for it but was captured a few hours later.


Anonymous said...

Did they meet through eHarmony? If they did, there's a money back guarantee if your date shoots you.

Fowl Ideas said...

Arbin sounds like some of the guys you see at the Super Bowl.

Was he related to Ryan Tucker?

Pat Downey said...

The source material didn't say and a response to a query sent to eHarmony simply stated,"We don't comment on dates then end with gunfire." I guess we'll never know.