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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bad Luck for Chuck

Ninety-nine years ago Chuck Jow, a former member of the On Leong Tong who had switched allegiances to the Hip Sings, was sitting in the rear of a restaurant peeling potatoes. (Damn it feels good to be a gangsta.)

How did the On Leong feel about a member switching sides? Not good. Across the way was a man with a rifle. As Jow peeled the gunman took aim. Five shots rang out. Two hit Jow in the neck and third went into his head. Taters were off the menu.


Charlieopera said...

Peeling potatoes ... oy vey.

Pat Downey said...

As Ringo sang, Gotta pay your dues if you want to sing the blues.

Anonymous said...

Looks like he won't be Leong now.

Pat Downey said...

That's pretty much the Leong and short of it.