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Friday, July 15, 2011

Rules are rules

"Chu On did wrong," claimed Chung Sam Lok, head of Chu On's Tong, the Four Brothers, "He knew he mustn't go on Mott Street. He knew he would get shot. He went there a few days ago. He got a warning, but he did not need a warning. He knew they would shoot him."

But go on Mott Street Chu On did. One hundred and one years ago this day. On was suspected of a murder the previous year and had been hiding out in Albany making periodic visits to the city and it was on one such visit that he broke Tong rules by crossing the street into rival Tong (in this case the On Leong) territory.

Chung Sam Lok assured the authorities that the Four Brothers would not be seeking revenge for the murder of their chum since he broke the rules. "This shooting today means nothing," Lok coninued, "There is no new quarrel between the On Leongs and the Four Brothers. It's just the rule, On Leongs keep off Pell Street or get shot; Four Brothers keep off Mott Street or get shot."

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