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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dempsey gets KOed

Ninety-eight years ago this morning around 1:00am there was some shooting taking place. Apparently some I-talian fellers, Jim Monico and Jim Scaraco, said to be linked with Paul Kelly, had the audacity to venture over into Gopher i.e. Irish territory and Ed Dempsey and Charlie Smith didn't like it.

Bang, bang went the Irish and Messrs. Monico and Scaraco hobbled down the street and into the arms of a cop. "They winged us!" Monico said, grabbing his leg. Scaraco concurred as blood dripped from his coat. "Serves you right for coming into our neighborhood." Said the cop, no wait thats not what happend. What happened was bullets began to richochet around the trio as Dempsey and Smith took potshots from the roof of a nearby building. Silly Gophers, tricks are for kids.

Another cop responding to the shots ran past the trio and into the building, where at this time Dempsey and Smith were on their way down the stairs. As the officer started to climb the steps he saw a flash and felt a bullet whiz by his head. He fired towards the flash and heard a thump. Then he heard Charlie say, "Did they get you Eddie?" Then he heard no more. Eddie was got.

Charlie surrendered and was forced to carry Eddie outside. An "auto-ambulance" was summonded and under its headlights the three wounded men were prepped for the ride back to the hospital. It proved to be Eddie last ride.

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