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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Working hard with your money

Things have been quiet at the Institute lately, namely because we were on a weeklong fact finding mission to Michigan. Have to use up those grant dollars somehow. So what facts did your hard earned tax dollars unearth? Many.
1) Sam Adams, Smithwicks and Leinenkugel summer shandy are available in and around Detroit; even found Pabst Blue Ribbon in a bottle. (For that last tidbit, the Fed should double next years money)
2) Detroit coneys are the best food in the world.
3) The Lincoln that President Kennedy was killed in is about eight feet away from the mens room in the Henry Ford Museum. Doesn't seem right. Look at car, review Zapruder film in head, meditate on significance of artifact in front of you, take twelve steps and relieve yourself.
4) And speaking of cars, there is a reason Detroit (ok, maybe the outskirts) is still the motor city,
5) On August 14, 1930, Gennaro Mangiapane, a fugitive from New York City, was driving along a Detroit thoroughfare with a pal when said pal whipped out a pistol and drilled Gennaro in the head. The pal then leapt from the car as the recently deceased Gennaro crashed into the curb.

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