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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sitting ducks

Today marks the seventy-seventh anniversary of the passing of Frank Dolak and Benny Holinksy. Who were they you ask? Well they were part of a gang of Bronx kidnappers who thought they would make some quick dough by kidnapping a bookie named Bart Salvo and ransoming him back to his outfit. Unfortunately for the gang they either didn’t know or care that Salvo was a connected mob guy.

To make a long story short, Salvo was snatched and ransomed and then it was retribution time. Flush with cash the gang was planning their next move. Dolak and Holinsky picked up a third member of the gang named Miller and they went for what would prove to be a oneway ride for our protaganists. Holinsky was at the wheel, Miller was riding shotgun and Dolak was in the rear.

After a bit Holinksy announced that they were being tailed by whom he thought were cops, but were in fact gun toting gangsters sent to kill them. Holinksy pulled over to see if the cops were indeed following them. A fatal error.

Seizing the opportunity the gangster car pulled up alongside and out jumped three men armed with pistols. Miller saw what was happening right away. He jumped out his door, on the sidewalk, got up and took off as one of the gunmen fired some shots in his direction. Holinsky and Dolak were trapped in their seats and the two remaining gunmen pumped bullet after bullet into their bodies. They lingered in the hospital a few hours before expiring.

The full story behind the kidnapping and other depredations of Holinksy & Dolak’s gang can be found in Bad Seeds in the Big Apple.


John D. said...

Tough racket. Poor guys were killed on their day off.

Pat Downey said...

I believe the victims were driving around in a company car at the time, may have been an honest mistake on the part of the killers.