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Friday, August 3, 2012

Prepare the cold shower

As President and Grand Pooba of the DGIS Institute it is my job to insure that visitors receive quality, original content whilst also pleasing the shareholders, all while trying to appear sober. After many meetings and much market research, it was determined that, how did that guy in accounting put it, oh yeah, sex sells.  And the biggest thing now is, how did those snickering interns refer to it? Oh yeah, "mommy porn". So to attract a new readership without alienating our normal visitors, please enjoy this special edition of Amorous Guys in Suits.


Thomas Hunt said...

"Institute"? So, Pat Downey is becoming an institution? Well, having known him for a few years, all I can say is any effort to institutionalize Pat Downey is OK by me!

Pat Downey said...

Thank you Mr. Hunt. I know you meant that in the most sincere of ways. Feel free to drop in anytime for a bellini and some bruschetta.