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Thursday, August 9, 2012

They're dead...uh, they're all messed up.

This morning I ran into Mark the IT guy on the elevator. He said that our post from last Friday, Amorous Guys in Suits, has, to date, brought in forty-seven million hits from, presumably, the stay-at-home-mom market we've been trying to break into. Great news said I, adding, I wish there was some other niche market we could try to scam our way into penetrate. Mark said, "What about zombies?" I said, "What about them."Mark said, "They're big." I said, "I guess, depending on the size of the person who died." Mark said, "No I mean market wise, zombies are big." "Oh," Said I, "Run with it."
Welcome to this weeks edition of Walking Dead Guys in Suits.


John D. said...

Tune in next week for Walking Dead Amorous Guys in Suits. Not sure what market that would appeal to, but I just know they're out there. Zombie love is in the air.

Pat Downey said...

Hmm, yes, perhaps a film, The Zombie in Miss Jones.