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Friday, April 16, 2010

Not so easy rider

Today's lesson. Never punch a cop in the face.

Nicholas Gallo should have known this, especially on this date in 1915 when Courtesy Professionalism and Respect weren't a NYPD trademark. It all started when Gallo and his pal Joe Russo stopped into a motorcycle shop posing as customers. The former found a model he liked and asked if he could take it for a test ride. Of course, what salesman would say no?

So Gallo got on the bike and headed down 8th Avenue...and never came back. Russo in the meantime pulled a disappearing act. To get to the meat of the story both were arrested. While Gallo was being escorted to the police station by a detective Bernard Devanney he popped the detective in the face and ran across the street.

Devanney ordered him to halt but the suspect kept going. Seeing that a truck was about to cross their path and that the thief would make a getaway the officer drew his gun and put a bullet in the back of his head.

Gallo was severly wounded but survived and went on to become, along with his brothers, famous wine manufacturers...Ok, not so sure about the last part.

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