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Saturday, April 17, 2010

A black hander gets black and blue

Alfred Pino had been receiving black hand letters demanding money but chose to ignore them resulting in his being shot by a tall, muscular Italian guy with a scarred bullet wound over his right eye.

Cut to 102 years ago today when plain clothed detective Londrigan was walking in Little Italy and to his surprise saw a tall, muscular Italian guy with the scarred bullet wound over his right eye. The detective immediately jumped on the guy, who was about a foot taller than him, and attempted to subdue him.

Of course all the Italian guy knew was that some Irish guy pounced on him so a fight ensued. Londrigan was thrown to the ground and found a pistol barrel pressed against his head. The detective pushed the gun away and managed to throw scar eye to the ground. By this time a crowd of locals gathered and laughed as they saw one of their country men start to get the better of his opponent.

Things changed when Londrigan managed to get his gun out and brought it down repeatedly on scar eye's head. Seeing their countryman go limp the locals started yell at the detective and a dozen or so closed in. The detective pointed his pistol at them and kept them at bay until reinforcements arrived.

Scar eye was brought to the hospital and Pino identified him as the man who shot him. After fingerprints the gunman was IDed as Raffael Tucci who had fled Sicily for crimes committed and was also wanted in Brooklyn for a jewelry theft.

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