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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mad Max

Max Ostransky known to lower east side gangdom as "Young Sharkey" did not suffer parsimony lightly. In December of 1912 he threw a fundraising dance for the "Young Sharkey Association" the proceeds of which no doubt went to a good cause.

Two fellers, Harry Salkin and Charles Shapiro, were invited for a measly $1 a piece but failed to show. The following day YS found them at the corner of Broome & Orchard and confronted them about their stinginess. Not being a man of many words Young Sharkey let his gat do most of the talking. With a bullet in the back Salkin and Shapiro who received his admonishment in the side were sent to the hospital. Young Sharkey was picked up.

On this date back in 1913 Young Sharkey received a sentence of between 2 1/2 and 4 1/2 years. Judge Rosalsky (who seems to have been the only Judge in NYC at the time.) sent him off with the salutary:

You tried to step into the space left vacant after the murder of Zelig and I have no use for men of your type. I am giving you the maximum sentence as a lesson to others who would follow in your footsteps."

and the lesson worked because after Young Sharkey went away there was no more crime in New York City. The end. Nighty night, sleep tight.


Rose Keefe said...

And to think that Judge Rosalsky was Zelig's lawyer in 1905....tsk! Tsk!

Pat Downey said...

Careerwise it was probably better than saying, "Young Sharkey, I knew Jack Zelig, Jack Zelig was a friend of mine. You sir are no Jack Zelig."