Arrest of Francis 'Two Gun' Crowley

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Sunday, April 25, 2010


Not since the Dalton Brothers were shot to pieces in Coffeyville, Kansas have three siblings fell so fast before an enemies gun until the Lawlor brothers caught lead on this date back in 1930 . The Lawlors were not trying to rob a bank when they were shot down however, not that they were above banditry, the brothers all had police records and were not unknown to prison, but they in fact were toiling in the Hells Kitchen speakeasy owned by their brother in-law Bartley Cronin when the end came.

Twenty-three year old Lawrence was behind the bar when gangster in training David Beadle entered the tavern and began waving a pistol around. Knowing the violent history of the Lawlor Brothers, the customers began to inch their way to the door as Lawrence began to holler at twenty-two year old Beadle. Beadle began gloating about his toughness, which only enraged Lawrence who came out from behind the bar and went for the gunman.

Beadle pointed his gun at Lawrence’s heart and pulled the trigger. Lawrence dropped in the doorway separating the bar and the back room. Hearing the shot, brothers Michael and William came out of the rear room and, seeing their prostrate brother, jumped over him and rushed Beadle who quickly fired off another fusillade. Three of the bullets found their mark, Michael was hit in both the head and chest and William was critically wounded in the stomach. Beadle quickly exited but was later picked up by the police.

Lawrence was dead before the authorities arrived and Michael, age thirty, died at the hospital. Thirty-three year old William was also taken to the hospital and eventually recovered. While there he refused to answer any questions, which didn’t surprise the police because on the previous August 23, he was shot in the groin and refused to say anything. Michael, who was known as “Bootsy”, had been a suspect in the killing of a police officer in 1921 but was released


Rich T said...

So...what happened to Beadle?

Pat Downey said...

The Beadle will be making another appearance, not for awhile but he will be back.