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Friday, August 28, 2009

Dropper gets dropped

Eighty-six years ago today. New York City lost it's most notorious gangster of the time. Nathan Kaplan a.ka. the Cisco Kid...wait thats not right, it's Kid that's an Elvis movie; let me check my notes....ah, there it is Kid Dropper! That's it, the prime suspect in yesterdays murder, and the terror of the Lower Eastside, was gunned down as the exited the Essex Market Courthouse by a young punk named George M. Cohan...wait thats not right. It was singer/author Leonard Cohen...hold on let me check my notes....Louis Cohen, thats it! Louis Cohen was put up to the job by Kid Droppers arch nemesis Little Feet, I mean the Little Rascals, oh hold on, I really should prepare myself better....Little Augie Orgen thats it. With the demise of the Dropper, Little Augie rose to the top of the lower Eastside gangster heap, but you already knew that.

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Alana said...

didn't have your morning coffee yet huh? :)