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Monday, August 24, 2009

Felix' folly

Felix Deegan's family said he wasn't a gangster but when he was found dead 85- years ago today they said that the two bullets pumped into his head and the other two fired into his chest were the result of a gang feud. Odd? Oh, and he also had a .38 on him.

Deegan was last seen alive at 10:30pm when a cop came across him and five other guys and they were all arguing. Deegan was drunk so the cop told him to go home whilst shoeing away the other guys. Deegan didn't go home though, instead Felix the cat hungout and regrouped with the five men. An hour later the cop responded to four gunshots and saw the five amigos pile into a cab and drive off leaving Deegan knocking on Heaven's door. Heaven answered on the way to the hospital.

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