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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dropped by the Dropper?

Eighty five years ago this evening Seventeen-year-old Alex Schnite told his father that he had a date and left the family flat at dusk. Around 11:00pm he was standing against a wall on the lower eastside when three men approached him. While Schnite was looking in the opposite direction one of the trio shot the teen twice in the back and the side. Schnite fell to the ground and another of the guys unclasped a knife and slashed his jugular vein. Schnite rolled over to shield himself from another blow and the knifeman stabbed him in the back before escaping with the others in a waiting taxi.

Numerous people were in the vicinity when the crime took place and some ran to Schnite’s home and informed his parents. Alex was removed to the hospital where he arrived DOA. His father said that his son had told him he was going on a date and then breaking down he mentioned that Alexander had told him that he had had some trouble with members of “Kid Dropper’s” gang.

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