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Monday, August 10, 2009

Labor rackets

You'd think that only gangters made up the criminal organization knows as Murder Inc. but not according to their death certificates.

For example on March 4, 1944 the state of New York electrocuted, not organized crime figures, but a hat salesman and clothier by the names of Emanuel "Mendy' Weiss and Louis Buchalter.

The blue collar sect also lost a couple of their own when "laborers" Harry Maione & Frank Abbandando were executed on 2/19/42. This hard working pair had no distinct skill but would work in "any" industry. Sounds like a couple of guys just trying to make ends meet.

the I.B.E.U. lost one of their own when electrician Martin "Buggsy" Goldstein was, ironically killed by electricity, along with apparent slacker Harry Strauss whose occupation was "unknown."

Not one gangster in the group. Unless, perhaps they lied? Which is possible but if you're going to be executed aren't you gonna come up with a whopper of an occupation?

Harry Strauss
Horse Whisperer

Harry "Happy" Maione
Disc Jockey - Morning Zoo with Happy & the Dasher

Emanuel Weiss
Rain Maker

Louis Buchalter

Martin Goldstein
G in MGM

Frank "the Dasher" Abbandando
Disc Jockey - Morning Zoo with Happy & the Dasher


John D. said...

Didn't Morning Zoo with Happy & the Dasher move to XM? Or was it Sirius?

Pat Downey said...

Yes, the latter, after one of their "pranks" went wrong and they killed an innocent guy.