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Saturday, September 5, 2009

That's for taking my cab!

Way, way back in 1921, on a day very much like today, ok, actually it was the same date. A cab pulled up in front of the house of a young Irish feller named Vincenzo Verducci*. Inside the cab were three of Verducci's friends, one of whom was toting a bottle of champagne. Verducci climbed into the cab to join his partying compadres when suddenly a man darted out of a nearby doorway, jumped onto the cab's running board and fired two shots. One hit Verducci in the cheek, and even worse, the other blew apart the bottle of bubbly. The gunman and everyone else without a bullet hole in their face jumped from the taxi and ran away leaving the driver to transport Vincenzo to the hospital. Apparently the only fatality was the Champagne, sniff sniff.

* I don't know if he really was Irish, I was just judging by the name.


John D. said...

I guess incidents like this are why they stopped putting running boards on cars.

JOHN said...

Definately an Irish Guy Patvery perceptive....

Pat Downey said...

John D.: Yes, you can't have people shooting your champagne.

John w/ no D: Thanks, the result of years of research I assure you.