Arrest of Francis 'Two Gun' Crowley

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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

We were already robbed today what else could possibly go wrong?

Hours after it had been robbed of $4,000 on this date back in 1928 John’s Lunchroom, which doubled as a saloon, was busy with about twenty patrons. One of those was James “Lefty” Doyle.

While Doyle enjoyed his food and drink a man wearing a gray suit and brown slouch hat entered. He calmly surveyed the lunchroom and when he spotted Lefty he pulled out a gun and started to fire.

Everyone ran for cover as Lefty was brought down with a bullet in the back. Though frightened, the other patrons had nothing to worry about as the gunman was a crack shot. His next bullet also hit Doyle in the body and this was followed up with two more shots to the head.

His job complete, the killer placed the gun in his pocket and looked about the room before calmly walking out.


John D. said...

Sounds like this place needed designated shooting and no-shooting sections.

Pat Downey said...

Or thought ahead and made people go outside to shoot.