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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Snack attack

Twas this day back in 1921 it twas, that 29-year old nogoodnik Frank Lorrella (probably an alias) was rubbed out in a park job. A park job is kind of like ride job but the car is parked when the victim is killed.

Lorella pulled up to a deli for a sandwich and coffee. After making his purchase he got back in his auto and released the break. As he did so a “squat, swarthy man” appeared and opened fire with a .25 automatic pistol. The first shot missed and Lorella ducked down in the car.

Pedestrians started going bananas but the gunman ignored the mayhem going on around him and walked up to the car and fired four more times hitting Lorella in the throat, arm, side and heart. Frank was done.His mission complete, the killer then escaped through a nearby tenement.

According to his police record Lorella, who had been arrested about ten times over the years, did a ten-month stretch starting on October10, 1910 and got another two years on July 30, 1913. He was last in police custody the previous April 16, when he was arrested for carrying a gun.

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