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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Five to one, baby

In the old Whitehand territory of Brooklyn known as Irishtown, now called Dumbo, thirty-four year old Felix Deegan was drunk and arguing with five guys at 10:30pm on this date back in 1924.*

A beat cop came along and shooed away the five guys and told Deegan to go home. An hour later the same officer responded to four gunshots and found Deegan sprawled on the sidewalk with two bullets in his head and two in his chest. Seeing the five men escaping in a taxi the cop commandeered another and gave chase but, alas, the gangsters escaped.

Deegan died during the ambulance ride to the hospital. Even though a .38 was found on his body and his family admitted that he was most likely killed in a gang feud, they denied he was a gangster. In fact he had just passed examinations and was awaiting an appointment in either the police or fire department.

*I have to doubt this portion of the story. Who ever heard of Irish guys getting drunk and arguing?


Alana said...

:) what else do six guys do at 10:30 at night on a street corner?

Pat Downey said...

Sing Doo-wop but that was still three decades away.