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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gone in 240 seconds

Way back in the days of old one of the Starbucks of the era was the United Cigar Store. You couldn't swing a dead cat in NYC without hitting one. Since nearly everyone smoked back then they did a thriving business and were a constant target of bandits.

During evening rush hour on this date back in 1921 Victor Milch was behind the counter at the shop located at 2095 Eighth Ave. at 113th Street when three young men "correct in their dress and manner" entered.

One of the trio asked for a specific brand of cigarette and when Milch bent over to get them the guy stepped around the counter with a gun. His confederates drew their irons as well. "Get into the back room." Milch was ordered. On the way one of the bandits tripped him and they all jumped on him. One stuffed a gag in his mouth while the other two tied his hands and feet with clothesline.

Once Milch was on the floor the bandits helped themselves to the $45 in the register and sauntered out. Fifteen bucks per man for a possible prison term of fifteen years for armed robbery...Not sure that was worth it.


Alana said...

fun times, more interesting than the organic supermarket that is two blocks away from that present location.

Pat Downey said...

I suspect our bandits probably never even uttered those two words together.

Alana said...

can't you see it? " Hey boys, hold on a minute, medium tofu chili is on sale this week for $2.99. Gotta get some before they close."