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Friday, March 26, 2010

Young, young, young

At seventeen years of age Sam Licht had already done a stretch in the reformatory for burglary, but now he was out and up to something else. Something else that didn’t sit well with others. Eighty-eight years ago today Sam put on a blue suit, laced up his tan shoes and donned a green over coat and matching hat. It was a nice spring day and he headed over to 168 Madison Street.

Sam loitered around for a bit and just before 5:00p.m. a young lady arrived also dressed in her spring finery of a fur coat, black hat with green trim and white and yellow shoes. The couple definitely stuck out in the neighborhood. They spoke to each other for a few minutes and then, right when a taxi cab pulled up to the curb, the girl turned and walked away.

Sam turned in the opposite direction and began to nonchalantly walk away as two torpedoes stepped out of the cab. They walked up behind Sam and one of them fired a bullet into the back of Sam’s noggin and then stepped back into the cab and were whisked away. Why? Was the dame a decoy? Who knows. Smells like Kid Dropper and the boys to me but then again that could be my Old Spice.