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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hurburger deluxe

Since we had so much fun with 1901 yesterday lets stay there again shall we? Good. Just as Brooklyn barber Joseph Lapis was getting back to work sweeping up hair, trimming mustaches and telling everybody how he blasted a burglar in the chest the other night, over in Mid-town Manhattan Detective McCafferty was walking at 42nd Street and 6th Avenue. From the opposite direction came international thief Sam Hurburger.

Sam was well known to both New York City and London police as the leader of gang of thieves who operated for about a decade. Sam’s brother ran a pawnshop in London’s Strand and the gang fenced their loot through him.

Sam had been captured a year or so ago and place in jail in Rochester, NY but escaped and the police had been on the look out for him ever since. Especially since a number of burglaries started to pop up around the city that led detectives to believe that Sam was once again in town.

Back to 42nd Street- So there’s McCafferty on the corner and then Sam walks up. He recognized the Detective on sight and quickly turned around and dashed across Bryant Park. McCafferty took off after him. After running two blocks the thief started to out distance the Detective. Not willing to let a catch like Sam get away McCafferty pulled out his gun and yelled, “Stop or I’ll shoot” ( I suspect it wasn’t a cliché 109 years ago) Having dealt with McCafferty in the past and having no doubt that the Detective would in fact perforate his back, Sam hid the skids and was taken in. And that they say is that.

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