Arrest of Francis 'Two Gun' Crowley

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Two Gun rising part deux

When last we left Francis Crowley he had been involved in a shooting at the American Legion hall in the Bronx and had ventured to Philadelphia where he got himself some guns. His playmates had been rounded up and one Detective Shaedel was hoping to get the full collection. Since Francis (or Frank or Shorty depending on who you talked to) was known to work periodically at his brother inlaws place of business, Shaedel would stop by know and then to inquire about him but all he ever got was shrugged shoulders.

Until seventy-nine years ago today when Shaedel stopped in at 4:00pm and found Francis in his brother inlaws office. Before Crowley knew what was what Shaedel had him against a wall and relieved him of a .45.

Francis tried to tell the detective he was making a mistake and went for another pocket claiming he was reaching for ID. Shaedel knew better and grabbed him just as Francis got his hands on his .38 but Shorty was a slippery little guy and managed to pull himself free and fire off a few rounds hitting the detective in the leg and stomach.

Francis then high-tailed it out of the room and down the hall while Shaedel staggered behind him blasting away. Down the stairwell and out the front door Francis flew a much more wanted man while Shaedel went to the hospital and recovered.


Alana said...

ahh yes good old Detective Schaedel. Knew alot of those misbehaving boys in the Bronx..and would love to know how Francis took to being called Shorty, doesn't sound very flattering.

Pat Downey said...

When it was his gal he didn't mind. Someone else...