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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

X-Files revisted

There has always been speculation as to whether or not it was John Dillinger that was killed outside the Biograph theater that hot July night. I feel for certain that it was. Have no doubts about it though there was one Depression era outlaw who did outsmart the police and cunningly had a another man shot in his place, but this goes much deeper than a simple bandit out foxing the law and high tailing it to Mexico. No, this involves the Government and in fact may have an impact on us come next November. I’m going to give you a chance to leave this blog right now. If you continue I can’t guarantee your safety…Fine, here it is then; I have irrefutable proof that Clyde Barrow wasn’t shot to pieces in May of 1934 but instead high tailed east to Ohio and after letting things blow over for about four decades got involved in politics and is currently running again, but this time for President of the United States of America.

Proof? Sure lots of it:

Clyde’s death certificate list his middle name as Chestnut when in actuality it was Champion. Ohio is the Buckeye State. What is a buckeye but a glorified chestnut.

Kucinich is simply an anagram for chickiun (chicken) Clyde and his brother Buck (Buckeye State again) used to steal chickens, not being much of speller Clyde would write his words out phonetically and with his Texas accent (with some Cajun thrown in) there you have it.

Bonnie Parker was a cute red head. Mrs. Chickiun is an attractive redhead.

Clyde Barrow’s weapon of choice was a BAR, Congressman Chickiun passed the Bar.

There you have it. I could go on but there is a non-descript sedan parked outside with two guys in dark suits and sunglasses. I’ll go see what they want.

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