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Friday, January 4, 2008

Two scoops of Desperados

Now that there is a whiff of Dillinger in the air thanks to Mann & Depp The History Channel is going to give us a taste of the Public Enemy Era with:

This should give a good introduction for the novice gangster enthusiast. For those who watch and get gangster fever I would suggest reading, in this order:

John Dillinger Slept Here (Parts One-Seven) By Paul Maccabbee
The Union Station Massacre by Robert Unger
Verne Miller: From Lawman to Outlaw* by Brad Smith
The Tri-State Terror: The Life and Crimes of Wilbur Underhill* by R.D. Morgan
Dillinger the Untold Story By G. Russell Girardin & William Helmer
Running with Bonnie and Clyde by John Neal Phillips
The Life and Death of Pretty Boy Floyd by Jeff King
Baby Face Nelson: Portrait of a Public Enemy By Steve Nickel & William Helmer
John Dillinger Slept Here (Part Eight - Conclusion)

* These are great books on two of the era's most overlooked outlaws. Every bit as desperate as Pretty Boy Floyd if not more so than Dillinger.

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