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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

..and to your left Bugsy Siegel's eye. No flash photograph please

A mob museum in Vegas. Why not? The mob built the town its only right they should be celebrated. Local school children can take field trips out to the desert and leave the teacher’s pet in a hole with three bullets in the back of his head. Just kidding, anymore than two would be excessive.
Actually it’ll probably work. Americans (and the world in general) are curious about our outlaws. Every city and town has their dark side and in most cases people will pay to learn about it. Plus it’s not like Vegas is a cultural center. I can’t see anyone saying, “A mob museum? Look I come here to gamble, get drunk and bang hookers, I don’t need any mob museum to sully my pursuits. I’ll take my business to Reno!”.

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