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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The dangers of tobacco

In the early hours of this day back in 1931 Abe Lubitsky, Norman Blatt and Harry Abrams were out for a drive in the fine city of Toledo, Ohio when a car full of gunmen pulled up and fired numerous shots into their car then pulled away. If that wasn't offensive enough, just as the gunmen pulled away another car containing gunmen pulled up and they too discharged there weapons into the trios auto.

A number of the bullets came to rest in the heads of Abe and Norman. Harry survived the deal. Why the hate? Well, police said that the two dead men owned a cigar store together and that Abe was shot at previously. Harry had been recently arrested in raids on cigar stores. Having watched many many episodes of Matt Houston and Hart to Hart we here at the institute have come to the conclusion that something nefarious was going on at these Toledo cigar stores.


John DuMond said...

The nefarious activities were probably going on in a smoke-filled back room. When back rooms fill with smoke, bad things happen.

Pat Downey said...

So very true.